Nickel Plating

Nickel remains a popular electroplating finish because of its combination of corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and appearance.
It can be deposited bright, straight from the tank or as dull nickel, which may or may not be polished after plating.

Nickel plating provides a good corrosion and wear resistance deposit at a relatively low cost, while providing a high luster and bright decorative deposit, appealing to the eye. It is widely utilized in components requiring corrosion resistance on copper, brass, stainless and steel alloys, including medical, aerospace, common house hold items, and the oil and gas industry

What Are The Benefits Of Nickel Electroplating?
Electroplating nickel develops and enhances several characteristics in the nickel base material:

  • Increases strength and hardness
  • Improved chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Improved external appearance.

Apart from decorative work, nickel is used in the engineering industry to build up worn parts, and to promote surface hardness and lubricity, and improve corrosion resistance.